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Vibro/Dynamics and the Socitec Group have been leaders in solving shock and vibration problems for over 50 years.

Comprehensive support for shock and vibration

Confident solutions can only be achieved when each problem has been clearly defined, applicable specifications are considered, and potential solutions have been computer simulated, prototype tested, and field validated. Our engineers utilize the best design tools, including computer modeling, numerical simulation, and experimental validation. Combining this with several decades of experience in solving shock and vibration problems, we have developed a proven process to tackle even the toughest issues.


A global review of the shock and vibration application


Consideration of applicable standards and criteria.


Perform a feasibility study


Modeling or simulation of the problem


Testing and final validation

Integrated engineering support

Our collaborative approach focuses on working directly with our customers at the earliest stages of a design, where our engineering team uses our decades of experience and leading technology to offer valuable feedback and design input.

1. A Global Review

Analysis and discussion of the application to define the shock and vibration challenges, structures, environment, and desired result

2. Consideration of Applicable Standards and Criteria

Review and define relevant military or industry standards and specifications, equipment limitations, and environmental factors.

3. Feasibility Study 

Extensive computer simulated analysis to optimize potential solutions and mechanical structures. 

4. Simulation and Modeling

Final application simulation.

5. Testing and final validation

Qualification tests as per commercial and military standards.

SYMOS Software

SYMOS is a software package developed by The Socitec Group. It allows the modeling of the linear and nonlinear behavior of mechanical systems due to shock and vibration. SYMOS is used in all phases of a project, from the sizing of the solution to the stage of the tender, to the validation of the solutions for  qualification.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Our team of engineers are highly experienced in finite element analysis (FEA), utilizing Solidworks and ANSYS software as tools for modeling and analyzing structures within shock and vibration problems. 

We provide full technical assistance to guide and advise you on:

  • improving the quality and lifespan of your products
  • identifying “critical points” before testing
  • optimizing mass and stiffness
Vibration Measurement Services

Our team can provide support to the customer in the field with on-site testing and advisory services.  Our engineers specializes in vibration testing, processing, and analysis.  Our array of testing equipment  and analysis tools enables us to accurately measure and record of wide ranges of vibration and amplitudes to deliver a well-documented and customized report. We can help measure shock and vibration during equipment qualification tests, or even conduct before and after testing to document the improved environmental shock and vibration conditions achieved with installation of our solutions. 

Custom Isolator Design

In addition to our own standard products, Vibro/Dynamics offers customized shock and vibration isolation systems. These solutions can be completely new designs, modifications to standard products, or isolators designed to our customer’s technical specifications. We have a highly skilled staff of engineers who are well-experienced in designing elastomer and spring isolators as well as frictional and viscous damping systems and components.

Dynamic Testing

Vibro/Dynamics specializes in the mechanical testing of elastomer and spring elements, shock absorbers, and various types of dampers. 

We have a full staff of qualified engineers and technicians available to determine the static, dynamic, and fatigue characteristics of mechanical components.

Our test equipment includes a 110 kip MTS Dynamic Test System and hydraulic presses with capacities up to 400 tons. We also have a full complement of electronic measuring and data acquisition equipment.

Vibro/Dynamics Hydra/Level Isolator Installation Service

With the Hydra/Level® installation service, Vibro/Dynamics will supply two Field Service Technicians to assist the customer’s installation team. They will provide supervisory on-site isolator installation and adjustment instruction to the customer or its agent (s). Vibro/Dynamics will provide the necessary hydraulic pumps and cylinders to make leveling, support, and press elevation adjustments. This service does not include any rigging or installation of Vibro/Dynamics products. Two trips are recommended for presses erected on-site. The first service should be carried out after the press bed has been installed, while the second service should be conducted after the press has been stacked but before tie rod stressing.