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According to our extensive experience in providing an efficient shock and vibration solution for many years, achieving a confident solution to any problem must go through many steps. First, a global review of the application, considering the applicable standards and criteria, perform a feasibility study, modeling, or simulation of the problem, then finally applying the testing and final validation.

Comprehensive support for shock and vibration

In addition, the applicable specifications must be considered, and the potential solutions must be simulated by the computer, too. Our skilled engineers use the best design tools that involve computer modeling, numerical simulation, and experimental validation.

Due to our track record in the vibration and shock industry, we develop a proven method for resolving tough issues. Also, our service expands to include vibration Measurement Services, finite Element Analysis (FEA), on-Site Measurement Services, vibration & shock testing, and design custom Isolators.


A global review of the shock and vibration application


Consideration of applicable standards and criteria.


Perform a feasibility study


Modeling or simulation of the problem


Testing and final validation