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MX Isolators Precision Leveling MX Series

Here at Vibro/Dynamics, we offer several types of shock isolators, even on the micro-level. These precision leveling MX series are designed to provide free-standing support of large stamping presses weighing from 113 to over 2270 metric tons (250,000 to over 5 million lbs.).

MX series are elastomer isolators that unite multiple-layer modular elastomer isolation technology capable of dynamic natural frequencies as low as 8 Hz. They provide a perfectly effective vibration and shock isolation for micro shocks.

Furthermore, these anchorless isolators feature a built-in leveling system that ensures precision leveling. This advanced system is also adjustable by hand, capable of 0.02″ (.5mm)- 2.0″ (50mm) elevation adjustment.

You won’t need shims and grout plates when using these precision leveling isolators. These micro shock absorbers emphasize a swivel feature that compensates for up to two degrees of support surface slope.

Moving on to the popular Hydra/Level® hydraulic lift-assist feature that includes built-in openings for hydraulic rigging cylinders. This advanced feature provides fast, easier leveling, and elevation adjustment of the biggest presses. This also provides insurance in the event of foundation settling and the need to re-level.

Large Press Mounts