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Coil Spring Isolators SVX SPRING ISOLATORS

These SVX coil spring isolators we offer here at Vibro/Dynamics are the perfect shock absorbers for rough vibrations. The coil spring isolators are associated with large stamping presses doing heavy blanking operations that create an advanced motion control system when used.

What makes this type of shock absorbers effective is their rugged design and their natural frequencies that are lower than elastomer isolators. They also feature a high-quality elastomer cushion that creates uniform contact between the isolator and foundation, therefore, isolates high-frequency coil spring material resonance.
Vibro/Dynamics use this SVX series to isolate elements under isolated foundations and concrete slabs besides protecting machinery and buildings from the damaging effects of earthquakes.


  • Viscous damping to control motion due to transient events such as machine starting and stopping
  • Rugged design for long effective product life
  • High-quality elastomer cushion creates uniform contact between isolator and foundation and isolates high-frequency coil spring material resonance
  • SVX series also comes with built-in pockets for hydraulic cylinders to allow for a more efficient leveling process
  • Customization is available to meet the demands of any application.

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