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Low Frequency Elastomer Isolators

While wire rope isolators are generally a better choice for combined passive shock and vibration isolation or in an aggressive environment, elastomer isolators are preferred as soon as vibratory insulation and acoustic discretion are preferred.


The elastomer isolator is widely used when it is necessary to filter vibrations whose level is insufficient to overcome the dry friction component of the cable damper. The elastomer isolator is particularly effective in cases of steady-state noise isolation generated by rotating machines (generators, pumps, motors, compressors, turbines, fans, etc.).


Elastomer isolators can offer excellent vibration isolation, but the viscoelastic material is sensitive to environmental conditions such as high temperatures and the presence of corrosive substances like oils and lubricants. These conditions can accelerate the aging process of the material and the long-term settlement of the isolator, known as creep.


If you have concerns about your application environment and the use of elastomer isolators, please contact Vibro/Dynamics for assistance from one of our engineers.


The line of transport elastomer isolators are designed to reduce shock and vibration commonly encountered in transport applications.
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Marine elastomer isolators are designed to provide multi-directional isolation of shocks and vibrations for naval activities.
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