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Upcoming Events


Vibro / Dynamics is pleased to be exhibiting at several trade shows in 2019. Please come visit us! Our next trade show event is Forge Fair in Cleveland, OH. Forge Fair May 21-23 Forge Fair is North America’s largest event dedicated exclusively to the forging industry. More than 1,650 forging professionals from across the globe come to Forge Fair to learn about new products, make purchasing decisions and network with each other. No other industry event offers suppliers and forgers the platform to connect with more qualified potential customers. Forge Fair website 2019 Schedule   When Show Where Booth Feb. 13-15 Naval Conference and Exposition (WEST) San Diego, CA 808 May 6-8 SeaAirSpace National Harbor, MD 1148 May 7-9 FABTECH Mexico Monterrey, Mexico 345 May 21-23 Forging Industry Association (FIA) Forge Fair Cleveland, OH 401 July 17-20 MetalForm China Shanghai, PRC Sept. 22-25 Railway Interchange Minneapolis, MN 3253 Oct. 1-3 Die Cast Expo Cleveland, OH 406 Oct. 14-16 Association of US Army (AUSA) Washington DC 4111 Nov. 3-7 Shock & Vibration Exchange (SAVE) Atlanta, G 504 Nov. 11-14 FabTech Chicago, IL 46347
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Career Opportunities


Please contact us and submit an application.  We are not currently recruiting for any positions.
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Tuned Mass Dampers Using Wire Rope Isolators


Tall, steel, chimney stacks installed in windy regions are prone to violent vibrations that could lead to stack failure. The source of this vibration is due to the phenomenon called vortex shedding. Controlling the amplitude of vortex-induced vibrations is crucial to avoid catastrophic failure of the chimney and increase its lifespan. One widely accepted design for doing so is the use of hydraulic dampers installed between the top of the chimney and a steel ring. While this is an effective design at limiting a chimney’s vibration, it often requires maintenance, and its performance could vary based on temperature. A less known way of controlling chimney vibration is through the use of wire rope isolators (WRIs). When tuned to the proper stiffness and damping, WRIs can be very effective at controlling the chimney’s vibration. In addition, WRI-tuned mass dampers (TMDs) offer further advantages such as their maintenance free construction, temperature-independent performance, and extremely long lifetime. Our purpose here is to present a case study where the Socitec Group provided a WRI based TMD for a chimney stack. The simulation results show that just like hydraulic dampers, WRI TMDs can be very effective at controlling a chimney’s vibration.
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