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Career Opportunities


We are currently looking for a Technical Sales Engineer. If interested in the position, please send an email with resume to vibro@vibrodynamics.com. Technical Sales Engineer In this position, you will be primarily responsible for developing and executing solutions for our customers with shock and vibration applications. The scope of this can range from helping a customer choose a standard product from our catalog to working with customers and vendors to develop and source a unique solution for a new application. To be successful in this role, in addition to mastering the technical details of our engineering field, you will need to be able to interface effectively with customers, co-workers, and vendors to ensure that the best solution for the application requirements is properly designed and manufactured. Job Responsibilities Work directly with customers to evaluate new applications and propose technical solutions for shock and vibration problems Perform in-depth technical analysis of motion and stresses through FEA and use of company’s proprietary analysis software Design and conduct testing plans, both in-house and at customer facilities Create and properly maintain drawings in 3D CAD programs Travel to customer facilities, tradeshows, and technical conferences (< 20% of time) Qualifications Bachelor of Science in Engineering Previous technical experience, preferably with customer exposure Ability to work independently and handle multiple priorities through proper time management Excellent all-around communication skills Previous experience with Solidworks and Solidworks Simulation is a plus Familiarity with shock, vibration, and noise is a plus Company We are a small, growing company with international presence.  At Vibro Dynamics, we are known in our field for our combination of technical expertise and customer service. A member of the international Socitec Group, we provide shock and vibration solutions to customers in a wide array of industries.  Being international, there is an opportunity to travel globally if you want it. Internally, all employees work together to meet the needs of the customer. As a member of our team, you will be an important piece of our success. You will be able to drive a project from inception to completion, working closely with all departments of the company to successfully meet the needs of the customer. You will see the results of your work.  
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Upcoming Events


Vibro/Dynamics is pleased to be exhibiting at several trade shows in 2020. Please come visit us! Our next trade show event is West, in San Diego, CA. WEST- March 2nd – March 3rd   WEST Website   2020 Schedule When Show Where Booth 2020 Mar. 2-3 WEST San Diego, CA TBD Apr. 6-8 Sea-Air-Space Washington D.C. TBD April 16 PMA District Suppliers Night Cleveland, OH TBD  
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End of Summer Company Trip to Ballpark


Vibro/Dynamics employees enjoyed a great day at Wrigley Field, Chicago to see the Cubs win with final score 7-1 against the Milwaukee Brewers.
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Using Wire Rope Isolators for Seismic Protection


Wire rope isolators offer distinct advantages over other installation methods for sensitive equipment in seismically active regions. The linked publication gives an overview of the general problem of protecting equipment from seismic events, and also details two case studies where wire rope isolators were applied.   Click Here to View Published Article
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Tuned Mass Dampers Using Wire Rope Isolators


Tall, steel, chimney stacks installed in windy regions are prone to violent vibrations that could lead to stack failure. The source of this vibration is due to the phenomenon called vortex shedding. Controlling the amplitude of vortex-induced vibrations is crucial to avoid catastrophic failure of the chimney and increase its lifespan. One widely accepted design for doing so is the use of hydraulic dampers installed between the top of the chimney and a steel ring. While this is an effective design at limiting a chimney’s vibration, it often requires maintenance, and its performance could vary based on temperature. A less known way of controlling chimney vibration is through the use of wire rope isolators (WRIs). When tuned to the proper stiffness and damping, WRIs can be very effective at controlling the chimney’s vibration. In addition, WRI-tuned mass dampers (TMDs) offer further advantages such as their maintenance free construction, temperature-independent performance, and extremely long lifetime. Our purpose here is to present a case study where the Socitec Group provided a WRI based TMD for a chimney stack. The simulation results show that just like hydraulic dampers, WRI TMDs can be very effective at controlling a chimney’s vibration.
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