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Specialty Transport

Large scale transport of antennas in Chile

Vibro/Dynamics has expanded its range of solutions and engineering services after joining the Socitec Group, a European leader in complex shock and vibration solutions. This is one of our many successful stories here with Socitec, where we participated in transporting antennas to be installed in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The international project involved several partners including ESO (European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere). The antennas were partly manufactured in France and had to be transported to South America without encountering any issues that might damage them.

The company’s mission was to verify that installation was in conformity and to carry out measurements during the entire journey, from France to Chile, based on a modeling of the lorries, their load, and rolling. Here at Vibro\Dynamics, we provide different types of isolation systems for many industries and fields. That includes transportation isolation systems to provide the best protection. With many models and types of isolators that can fit your needs perfectly, we give you our best experiences and results.

Aircraft engine handling

Protection of aeronautical equipment starts on the ground, as any shock that occurs during handling can damage equipment systems. with our professional team of engineers, we guarantee you the best isolation equipment and service. Vibro\Dynamics produced a damping system for the trolley used to transport the engine of the A380 made by Rolls-Royce. Our integration of wire rope isolators ensured that this very fragile and costly equipment could be securely transported. In other words, with Vibro/Dynamics you can trust us with your equipment’s safety during transportation.