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Protection of a nuclear power station backup generator with a wire rope isolator system

Vibro/Dynamics uses cable isolators, compression springs, and finite element analyses to create the best isolation systems for the seismic protection field.  One of our projects was to create an alternative solution to the standard spring box to protect equipment in nuclear stations while filtering earth tremors and the transmitted accelerations. In this case, we needed isolators with inherent elasticity, damping, and large displacement capabilities. Our engineers have used wire rope isolators for their resistance to temperature, humidity, and chemical agents.

Seismic Protection of the Power Grid

Vibro/Dynamics uses wire rope isolators to provide the best protection of critical power grid components worldwide from seismic activity. Our IEEE Std 693-2005 specifies all substation equipment is designed to withstand earthquakes specific to each region. Socitec Group’s proprietary SYMOS simulation software and a wire rope isolator base isolation system have been used to provide a cost-effective way to protect substation equipment from earthquakes.