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Metal Working Presses

Installation of Large Stamping Presses on MXL Leveling & Isolation Systems Saves Money & Time

A Large Press Installed Quickly

The extensive experience we gained not helping us just in providing efficient shock and vibration solutions, we were also able to install any application in short order. Like the installation of Large Stamping Presses on MXL Leveling and Isolation Systems, we’ve made a Version-Enprotech S4-1500-240-96T transfer press installed on Vibro/Dynamics XML style elastomer isolators, weighing 800,000 lbs. This isolator features elastomer isolation and Hydra/Level® technology. The isolators were attached to the press bed. The press stacked and precisely leveled, aligned to the foundation centerline, and matched the rolling bolster rails elevation in just under five hours.

Solving neighbor complaints from heavy stamping in an industrial park     97% reduction of peak acceleration on foundation

A 400-ton press blanking 0.188” cold rolled steel at about 30 – 35 SPM, installed on a neoprene rubber pad on an 18” thick foundation, located less than 30 feet from one of their neighbors was generating vibration complaints. After performing vibration analysis and study, Vibro/Dynamics custom-engineered a viscously damped, coil spring isolator for maximum isolation. The press was also reinstalled on outrigger channels to spread the front-to-back mounting points to twice their original span, to minimize press rocking motion.

The tests showed when running at 20 SPM, a 97% reduction of peak acceleration on the foundation for the “new” installation versus the “old”. Additionally, the SVS14904 installation achieved a better than 95% reduction in peak acceleration running at 30 SPM, compared with the rubber pad installation running at 20 SPM. The reduced vibration levels eliminated the neighbor complaint issue.