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Forging Industry

Vibration & Shock Isolation Systems for the Forging Industry

Elastomer Shock Isolation System Performs Beyond Expectations

Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. The blows are delivered with a hammer or a die. This could form a wide range of vibrations and shock that could harm your machines which requires shock and vibration isolation systems to provide more protection. Here at Vibro/Dynamics, we offer you isolators that are made specifically for the forging industry and its need. As you can see, this enormous hammer is weighing more than 1.6 million pounds, capable of generating 550,000 ft/lbs (750 kilojoules) of energy. This hammer generates vibration that would be felt blocks away, but after installing Vibro/Dynamics MRM Isolation Elements there are no longer shocks that could be detected or noticed in any area at factory offices. This is thanks to our professionalism and dedicated team in providing a technical solution.

Taming a 2500 Ton Forging Press

When dealing with a 2500 Ton National Forging press installed on a spring isolation system, one could face a lot of problems because the springs are continually breaking, causing unnecessary press downtime and maintenance. The press also moved excessively on the spring isolation system due to either misapplication, poor damping, or both. The excessive motion caused water lines, electrical conduit, and airlines running to the press to rupture, break and leak. The continual press motion also increased press cycle time, reducing productivity. this is why we did our best at Vibro/Dynamics to find you a solution to each problem. BFM1305/110 Micro/Level® elastomeric isolators are the perfect solution, you can get them now for an affordable price.