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Defense and Military applications

Shock and vibration solutions for land-based equipment

Our clients always rely on our expertise in the shock and vibrations industry.  we provide our clients customized technical support when it comes to navigating customer or third-party input data, simulations, and operation parameters. At Vibro/Dynamic, we are proud of our team of engineers and experts who design and build vibration and shock isolation systems for military and defense applications by following MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-901E standards.

Furthermore, we offer The wire rope which has magnificent benefits for land-based military applications such as; protection from dynamic and seismic loads from explosions, and protection during transport, and vibration isolation.

Not to mention that, the common applications include the following:
1- Shelters
2- Specialized containers,
3- Hazardous gas and radioactivity sensors
4- Off-road vehicle electronics.

Besides, our wide range of products can also be directly integrated with military equipment. Ultimately, to define the ideal solution, our engineers and experts work directly with clients to analyze each application. Contact us now in order to assist you with the best solution.