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shock and vibration 

About Vibro/Dynamics

Vibro/Dynamics, a Socitec Group Company, is a global leader specializing in the design and manufacture of vibration isolation and shock control systems. A collaborative approach, combined with cutting edge technologies and 50 years of experience, provides successful installations in the most demanding environments.

Our Approach

Creating solutions in the world of shock and vibration requires analysis and understanding of the entire dynamic system, comprised of the equipment to be isolated, environment, input forces, and response characteristics of the isolators.

Vibro/Dynamics and the Socitec Group are built around an engineered approach to shock and vibration isolation. All applications are individually analyzed and each solution is customized to achieve the desired results.

This methodology has guided our companies from their beginning, and has developed into an advanced process using specialized and industry leading modeling and analytical software backed by the highest quality control procedures.  Paired with our extensive application experience and the broadest product line available, we can confidently offer effective solutions involving shock and vibration.

Engineered solutions

Collaboration with our customers enables us to design and produce effective solutions efficiently tailored to every application.

Our resources include n-Degree Of Freedom SYMOS Simulation, Advanced FEA, 2D/3D CAD, and Physical Testing Services.

Our efforts enable us to provide detailed reports and document isolator features and system component responses, providing unparalleled insights for every application.

The Industries We Serve

Our markets include industrial, manufacturing, defense, aerospace, and more.  We possess expertise in the design and application of wire rope, elastomer, and coil spring based isolation. 

Vibro/Dynamics & The Socitec Group






With more than 100 years of combined experience, the merger of Vibro / Dynamics and Socitec creates a global presence in the US, Europe and China.

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