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Technical solutions for
shock and vibration 

About Vibro/Dynamics

Apart from being Vibro / Dynamics a Socitec group company, it’s a global leader company. Our company is specialized in manufacture and design vibration isolation and shock control systems. The 50-year of our company experience using advanced technology has resulted in several successful installations in the most complex environments.

Our Approach

At Vibro / Dynamics, we follow an engineered approach that depends mainly on analyzed each application individually to reach efficient solutions. As it’s known for every expert in the shock and vibration industry that creating solutions in the world of shock and vibration requires analysis and understanding of the entire dynamic system, comprised of the equipment to be isolated, environment, input forces, and response characteristics of the isolators.

Vibro / Dynamics and the Socitec Group are built around this methodology has guided our companies from their beginning, and has developed into an advanced process using specialized and industry-leading modeling and analytical software backed by the highest quality control procedures. Paired with our extensive application experience and the broadest product line available, we can confidently offer effective solutions involving shock and vibration.

Engineered solutions

We collaborate with our clients for designed and produced solutions that are tailored to each application. Our resources include n-Degree Of Freedom SYMOS Simulation, Advanced FEA, 2D / 3D CAD, and Physical Testing Services. Eventually, and due to the great effort we continue to put in, we are able to provide detailed reports that lead to unrivaled analytics for each application.

The Industries We Serve

Our markets include industrial, manufacturing, defense, aerospace, energy, navy, and much more. We possess expertise in the design and application of wire rope, elastomer, and coil spring-based insulation. Visit our applications page to read more.

Vibro / Dynamics & The Socitec Group






With more than 100 years of combined experience, the merger of Vibro / Dynamics and Socitec creates a global presence in the US, Europe, and China.

Lastest news

Expanded Wire Rope Isolator Production Capabilities

Expanded Production for Better Lead Times


Are lead times for wire rope isolators becoming more of a problem? At Vibro/Dynamics’ plant just outside of Chicago, we have added another production line to improve our already quick delivery lead times. Coupling this with our large inventory of components and our expert engineering services, Vibro/Dynamics is here to help you efficiently design and manufacture a solution to meet your project demands. If you have a need for an engineering review of your application, or just need a quotation for isolators that you need to purchase, please call us at (800) 842-7668 or contact us through our website, and we will assist you as quickly as possible.
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West 2022

Upcoming Events


Vibro / Dynamics is pleased to be exhibiting at West 2022. Please come visit us in booth 1605! https://www.westconference.org/  
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