SVX, SVXN, SVS and SMS Series Hy/Tuned™ Spring Isolators

SVX, SVXN, SVS and SMS Hy/Tuned™ Spring Isolators are designed to solve the toughest vibration and shock control problems.  These Spring Isolators have natural frequencies that are lower than elastomeric type isolators, making them the ideal solution for severe vibration and shock problems typically associated with large stamping presses doing heavy blanking operations.

These Spring Mounts are also used as seismic isolation elements under isolated foundations and concrete slabs. Spring Mount designs are also available to protect machinery and buildings from the damaging effects of earthquakes. We have many successful installations in earthquake zones.

SVX, SVXN, SVS and SMS Spring Isolators feature integral leveling or non-leveling, and viscous or material damping versions.

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SVX Spring Mount

SVS Spring Isolator

Key Features

  • Viscous or Material Damping
    Selecting the proper damping is essential for control of machine motion. That's why Hy/Tuned Spring Isolators are available with either Viscous or Material damping.
    • Viscous damping systems provides a higher degree of damping to control motion caused by inertia, braking or clutching.  Viscous damping is recommended for machines that generate moderate to severe rocking forces.  A good example is a single crank or eccentric, non-counterweighted press.
    • Material damping systems are economical and recommended for machines that have a limited rocking forces and low inertia.  Good examples are two and four point presses that have counter-rotating crankshafts or eccentrics that balanced each other out and have a low percentage of moving weight relative to the total press weight.
  • Extra Vibration Protection and Uniform Support
    Unlike conventional spring mounts, Hy/Tuned Spring Isolators come equipped with a high-quality resilient cushion that provides a uniform contact surface between the isolator and the floor. This cushion also isolates high-frequency vibration caused by coil spring resonance.
  • Built Tough to Last
    Vibro/Dynamics combines its proven low-stress isolator design philosophy with high-quality materials to ensure the longest effective isolator life.

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