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Nivell® Wedge Mounts

Nivell® wedge mounts are designed for machine tools, plastic injection molding machines, die casting machines, and various machines used in the printing, textile and food industries.



Nivell DK Series anchoring wedge mounts are available in two basic designs: bolt-through and bolt-on. The "bolt-through" design has a clearance hole for an anchor bolt to securely anchor machines to the floor or foundation. The "bolt-on" design comes with fasteners and is designed for free-standing installations. The "bolt-on" design also is available with a non-slip elastomer base version for vibration isolation.

The DK anchoring wedge design is superior to the competition. It features a double wedge design that centers all forces symmetrically around the anchor bolt, making the mount more rigid and stable. Leveling adjustments are easier since the double wedge design cuts the torque required to make an adjustment in half. 

Several options and configurations are available to meet special needs. Cast in concrete models, leveling extension links, spacers, and side adjustments kits to name a few.

DK-2 bolt-through version
for anchoring machines.

(Bolt-on and Bolt-through designs available).

DK-2 bolt-through Installation Instructions
(download - Adobe PDF size - 961 kb)

machinery mounts

DKS-2 bolt-on version with
elastomer base pad.

(Available only in Bolt-on design).

vibration mounts

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Nivell GS Series wedge mounts are designed for machines with or without mounting holes. Several different size bolts and spacers are available. A support plate  is also available for machines without mounting holes.

Leveling is accomplished using the horizontal adjustment screw. Leveling adjustments can be made without the assistance of a hydraulic jack. 

GS mounts are capable of swiveling up to 5 degrees to compensate for a sloping floor. This keeps the mount uniformly loaded. 

GS Wedge Mount Construction:
• Cast aluminum wedge assembly
• Nitrile non-slip surfaces
• Anti-corrosive plated steel spacer and anchoring bolt.
• Black oxide, spherical washer set.

Shown below are only two possible configurations.
Download the  GS Specification Sheet to see all of the possible configurations.
(Adobe .pdf file 222 KB)

GS41 + TW16/21 + TH15

GS41 mount with a TW16/21 reversible spacer plus a TH15 swivel pad design for machines without mounting holes.



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Nivell SK Series wedge mounts are designed for machines that have no mounting holes or mounting holes that are too small for vertical adjustment screw type isolators.

nivell skThese anti-corrosive mounts are simply placed underneath the machine base anywhere it needs support. The top and bottom surfaces of the mounts have non-slip nitrile rubber coverings. No mounting holes are necessary!

Leveling is accomplished using a horizontal adjustment screw. These screws can be adjusted without the assistance of a hydraulic jack. 

SK Wedge Mount Construction:
• Cast aluminum wedge assembly
• Nitrile non-slip surfaces
• Anti-corrosive plated steel.
• Black oxide, high-strength steel adjustment bolt.

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