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New Products

MXBP & MXBN Isolation Elements

Vibro/Dynamics MXBP and MXBN Isolation Elements are designed for the free-standing support of large stamping presses weighing from 113,500 kg. to over 2.3 million kg. (250,000 to over 5 million lbs.).These low-cost press isolation systems use the same modular elastomers used in the MXL line of vibration and shock isolators. This modular, multiple layer isolation technology combined with expert Application Engineering results in trouble-free installations.

MXBP isolation element

Vibration and Shock Isolation for Die Forgers
and Hammers.

Vibro/Dynamics offers two alternative shock and vibration isolation systems for hammer installations to better fit your needs. The MRM Elastomeric Isolation System is a modular isolation system that uses layers of custom-engineered isolation elements. Shock and vibration can be reduced up to 65%, yet the costs are comparable to traditional timber installations. These unitized systems are customized for the installation and are pre-assembled, eliminating any “in-the-pit” arrangement and assembly of elastomer layers.
FSV Hy/Damp™ Coil Spring Isolators offer isolation in the 80-90% range. These isolators provide an improved work environment and less stress on the hammer and its components. Viscous Dampers do an excellent job of controlling motion and heavy-duty construction makes them last!

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spring mount