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We are pleased to announce that Vibro/Dynamics is now part of Socitec. The acquisition of Vibro/Dynamics brings together over 100 years of expertise in the field of vibration and shock isolation products and engineering services.

Founded in 1962, Socitec is a world-wide leader in the manufacture, design, and application of wire rope isolators, cable mounts, elastomer mountings, and isolation racks for onboard equipment and shock recorders. Solutions have covered a variety of applications in the Aerospace and Defense sectors, working with many of the world's largest international contractors.

Socitec offers a complete range of engineering services, including shock and vibration engineering (suspension study and design), structural analysis using the finite elements method, dynamic analysis, vibration and shock isolation mount design, and the design and distribution of software packages related to vibration analysis.

Since 1964, Vibro/Dynamics has been the leader and pioneer in the design and manufacture of vibration isolation and shock control systems and products to improve industrial machinery installations, and vibration systems to protect machinery and building structures from incoming vibration caused by machinery, railroads, earthquakes, etc.

Both companies will continue their operations as before with Vibro/Dynamics continuing operations out of its Chicago area factory, while retaining the current management team.

With offices in the US, Europe and Asia, Socitec and Vibro/Dynamics can offer strong support to a diverse, global customer base of installations in more than 80 countries.

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