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MXL & MXLP Isolators and Press Mounts (See Video)

Vibro/Dynamics MXL & MXLP Series Micro/Level Isolators are designed for the free-standing support of large stamping presses weighing from 113 to over 2270 metric tons. (250,000 to over 5 million lbs.). 

Isolator dynamic natural frequencies as low as 8 Hz can be achieved, resulting in very effective vibration and shock isolation. This innovative patented design combines multiple layer elastomer technology with our popular Hydra/Level® hydraulic lift-assist feature. 

Vibro/Dynamics can provide a Hydra/Level Service that includes cylinders, pumps, and supervisory assistance.

MXL Isolators have a vertical leveling screw located in the center of the mount. The leveling screw pass through the mounting hole in the machine foot. Leveling is accomplished by turning the leveling screw into and out of the isolator housing.
press mounts

Isolators have a Precision Leveling and Swiveling Mechanism. Leveling is accomplished by turning the larger diameter leveling boss. This design can be located anywhere under a machine foot. 

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