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MXBP & MXBN Isolation Mounts

Vibro/Dynamics MXBP and MXBN Isolation Mounts are designed for the free-standing support of large stamping presses and other equipment weighing from 13 to over 2270 metric tons (30,000 to over 5 million lbs.).

These low-cost press isolation systems use the same modular elastomers used in other Vibro/Dynamics' vibration and shock isolators. This modular, multiple layer isolation technology combined with expert Application Engineering results in high-performance, trouble-free installations. 

Unlike "pad material" installations, MXBP and MXBN Isolation Mounts offer superior support, machine level and elevation stability, and predictable isolation performance. Dynamic natural frequencies as low as 8 Hz can be achieved, resulting in very effective vibration and shock isolation.

Press leveling is accomplished using a specially designed "Shim Pak", consisting of alternating layers of steel sheet and anti-slip materials. To make leveling and shim insertion easier, the MXBP models have built-in hydraulic cylinder pockets to raise the machine foot off of the element.

Vibro/Dynamics also offers a Hydra/Level Service that includes cylinders, pumps, and supervisory assistance.

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