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  • Series 2, 6 & 8 Micro/Level Isolators for machine tools and small presses. (Adobe PDF File- 354 kb)
  • Series 9-26 Micro/Level Isolators for medium to large size stamping and forging presses, machine tools, and die cast and
    plastic injection molding machines. (Adobe PDF File- 580  kb)
  • Elastomeric and spring mount isolation systems for large stamping presses used in the automotive and appliance industries. (See Video)
  • Wedge Isolators are designed for the free-standing installation of Punch Presses, Plastic Injection Molders and Die Cast machinery. The side adjust leveling screw makes them ideal for machines that cannot use vertical leveling screw type isolators because the mounting hole is too small or nonexistent. (Adobe PDF File- 389 kb)
  • Spring Isolators
    • SV Hy/Tuned™ Spring Isolator catalog covers a series of isolators designed to solve the toughest vibration and shock problems usually associated with large stamping presses. Their low natural frequency effectively isolates severe impact forces up to 99%. We specialize in custom design and engineering per customer specifications. (Adobe PDF File- 290 kb)
    • VS Lo/Tuned™ Spring Isolator catalog describes isolators that are the ultimate in vibration control for high-speed machinery. Their low natural frequency design effectively isolates both impact and inertia forces up to 99%. Standard and Optional Features include integral leveling, viscous or material damping, and quality construction.  (Adobe PDF File- 115 kb)
  • Wire Rope Isolators (WRI)

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