forgingVibration and Shock Isolation Systems for Forging Hammers

Vibro/Dynamics offers three solutions to isolate the severe shock and vibration generated by forging hammers: FSV and FSX Viscous Damped Spring Mounts; and MRM Isolation Elements.

See comparison chart for the effectiveness of each type system.

spring mountsFSV and FSX Viscous Damped Spring Mounts

FSV™ and FSX™ Spring Mounts provide the greatest amount of vibration and shock isolation available. Their low stiffness and natural frequency results in shock isolation in the 80-90 percent range when comared to timber mounted installations.


Hammer motion is controlled by a sophisticated viscous damper design, providing a
fast decay of motion between hammer blows. The damper is protected from contamination
using a welded bead around the rim of the damper that keeps the seal from slipping off.

spring isolatorThe heavy-duty, stress relieved fabrication is made to hold-up under the severe operating conditions typical to the forging industry. The FSV coil springs feature protective covers, while the FSX coil springs are totally enclosed within the damper. Both models have rim mounted seals to protect the damper from contamination.




mountsMRM Isolation Systems for Forging Hammers 

MRM™ Isolation Systems are specially designed for die forgers and drop hammers. These revolutionary new products have the simplicity of a layered elastomer system, with shock isolation effectiveness similar to viscous spring isolators.

MRM Systems feature thicker, softer, elastomer modules for greater vibration and shock control. Vertical dynamic natural frequencies as low as 8 Hz are achievable. Typical isolation efficiency is 60-80% reduction compared to traditional oak-timber systems.

MRM Systems feature unitized construction. Each Element is constructed using alternating layers of custom elastomer modules and galvanized steel sheets that are securely fastened together. The elastomer modules are molded from proprietary compounds for superior shock isolation, durability, and creep resistance. Each Element is encased in a protective foam barrier for further protection against pit debris.

All MRM Isolation Elements are designed to be simply lowered into the foundation as complete units. No difficult and time-consuming layout and "in the pit" stacking of pads and plates is required! The unique design features of the MRM Isolation Systems result in superior shock isolation, trouble-free installations and long lasting performance.

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Isolation Comparison Chart for Hammer Isolation Systemsforge-hammer

isolation spring


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