Isolated Foundations and Inertia Blocks

Isolated foundations and inertia masses are typically free-floating concrete and/or steel masses that are supported by vibration and shock isolators. Isolated foundations are typically used to protect precision machinery or equipment from incoming vibration and shock. Whereas, inertia masses are typically used to add mass to a machine to control motion and to improve isolation of transmitted forces to surrounding areas.

Coil Spring Mounts, Elastomeric Isolation Elements, Foundation Isolation Material, and Vibration Mounts are all commonly used as isolation elements under isolated foundations and inertia blocks.

Isolated Foundations and Inertia Masses are used to:

  • increase machine stiffness to resist twisting and misalignment due to changing weight and force,
  • reduce machine motion and minimize wide fluctuations in weight distribution,
  • allow the use of a lower stiffness isolation system that cannot be achieved using a direct isolator mounting method,
  • increase mass damping for improved isolation effectiveness,
  • lower the center-of-gravity for improved stability,
  • increase the "foot print" of a machine to spread out the load bearing area.






Typical Applications:

  • Precision Machine Tools
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Generators and Compressors
  • Vibrating Conveyors
  • Sensitive Electronic Equipment
  • Computer Rooms
  • MRI Rooms
  • Forging Hammers (MRM Systems)





Coil Spring Mounts spring supported foundation

Isolator models VSM and SV are excellent low-frequency coil spring isolators designed for use in isolated foundation and concrete slab applications. These mounts are also used in inertia block applications under forging hammers, stamping presses, generators, etc.

Typical natural frequencies range from 2.5 to 6 Hz for very effective vibration and shock isolation.

Elastomeric Cushions and Pads foundation isolation
VB™ Isolation Blocks are elastomeric cushions designed for use under concrete slabs and isolated foundations supporting sensitive equipment that needs protection from incoming vibration and shock. They also work to protect neighbors and surrounding area from a source of vibration and shock.

isolated foundationsVB Elastomer Isolation Blocks have individual load ratings from
8,000 to 47,000 lbs. and can be configured to have
dynamic natural frequencies as low as 7.5 Hz.






Foundation Isolation Materials

Vibro/Dynamics can provide Engineering Assistance and supply a variety
of foundation isolation foams and padding to meet your needs.

isolated foundation isolated foundations
floating concrete slab isolated foundation for machine tool

Download Foundation Isolation Literature (Adobe PDF File- 495 kb)