shock isolatorsVibration and Shock Isolation for the Forging Industry

Vibro/Dynamics manufactures a wide variety of products designed to isolated the transmission of severe vibration and shock forces commonly found in the forging industry. Isolating these forces protects your people and the work environment.

Forging Hammers, Forging Presses, and Screw Presses, have all been successfully installed on Vibro/Dynamics products. Precision machine tools, measuring equipment, induction heaters and furnaces have been installed on vibration isolators to further protect them from incoming vibration and shock.


shock mounts

FSV & FSX Hy/Damp™ Spring Isolators are low natural frequency, viscous damped, coilspring isolators that offer the greatestvibration and shock control possible. These isolators are alsoextremely effective for hammer and forging press applications. Viscous damping is very effective at reducing motion and absorbing the high energy levels found in hammer applications.



The MRM™ Isolation Systems are modular, layered elastomer isolation elements that are configured to provide a desired vibration and shock isolation level. Unlike other systems, these units are mechanically assembled using pins and bolts to prevent any unstacking of the elastomer layers that can occur in competitive systems. Specially compound elastomer modules provide high levels of isolation and damping while minimizing settling and creep.



forging furnace isolation

VSC Spring Isolation for protection of forging furnaces and other equipment in high shock and vibration environments.

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Case Histories

  • Case History of an installation of an Erie 50,000 lb. steam hammer on MRM Isolation Elements. (Adobe PDF File- 432 kb).
  • Case History installation of a National 2500 Ton Forging press on Micro/Level BFM1305 Isolators. (Adobe PDF File - 291 kb).

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