Case Histories

Metal Stamping Industry

  • CH-Timeline - Installation of Large Stamping Presses on MXL Leveling & Isolation Systems Saves Money & Time. (Adobe PDF File- 258kb)
  • CH-Acro - Press disturbing a neighbor's night sleep. (Adobe PDF File- 117kb)
  • CH-Boost - Boosting Productivity by Improving Press Installations (Adobe PDF File- 104kb)
  • CH-Func - Press Isolators - Their Function & Effectiveness  (Adobe PDF File- 127kb)
  • CH-Value - Value of press isolators seen in cost reduction.  (Adobe PDF File- 83kb)
  • CH-Turret - Installation of a Turret Punch Press (Adobe PDF File- 105 kb)
  • M/L 681 - Vibro/Dynamics Isolators prove more effective than the competition's in solving vibration from a 400 ton press. (Adobe PDF File- 181kb)

Forging Industry

  • CH-Kropp - Installation of an Erie 50,000 lb. steam hammer on MRM Isolation Elements. (Adobe PDF File- 431 kb)
  • CH-Forge - Taming a 2500 Ton Forging Press (Adobe PDF File- 105kb)
  • M/L 697 - Vibration and Shock Isolation Systems for Forging Machinery
  • M/L 710 Isolation Effectiveness of Vibro/Dynamics MRM Systems for Forging Hammers. (Adobe PDF File- 533 kb)


  • CH-DC - Installation Savings at Keeler Die Cast (Adobe PDF File- 40kb)

Power Generation

Machine Tools

  • CH-Machtool - Successful Free-Standing Machine Mounts installations of Machine Tools on Micro/Level Isolators. (Adobe PDF File- 165kb)
  • CH-Mand - Michigan Company mandates the use of Micro/Level Isolators for their machine tools installations.(Adobe PDF File- 28kb)

Plastic Molding

  • CH-PIM - Installation of a 3000 ton plastic injection molder.(Adobe PDF File- 41kb)


Customer Comments and Endorsements

"Your service from initial contact through product delivery is far better than "average" in our industry. Hank Dickinson is very helpful and knowledgeable." 

"I couldn't see that it would make any difference... I was a big doubter, but then I became a believer..."

"...this technology is essential for our ability to meet the World Class expectations of our customers..."

"...quick and easy to install, providing support at each leveling point consistent with the weight distribution of the machine..."

"...compared to the conventional method of coring holes, grouting, and leveling, that old method had to cost us 25% more than this..."

"...with the use of the isolators, we can get the machine installed and leveled up in about a half hour with no need for a template..."

"...elimination of soft-foot resonance problems, adding a critical dimension to laser leveling..."

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